Q & A

Just drop me an email if you like my style and we can chat about your wedding and plans.
Then I can show you some work and make you a bespoke wedding package to your needs.

We can meet in person  if logistics allow and get a cuppa or on skype or chat on the phone.  

Do you take formal group shots?

How far in advance do you get booked?

Do  you shoot alone?

How much editing do you do to the photos?

Any other questions then please just email or call. 

What is the next step if I am interested?

What do I need to book?

That's great news! 
I take a 20% deposit to secure your wedding date  and my wedding agreement signed by you both. 

Yes I do. It's nice to capture who is there and document it in this way. I will advise you whats best to do in the run up to the wedding and we can create a list together. On the day itself I like the formal line up to be done in a quick and fun way! 

2019, 2020 and 2021 dates are now open. 
Prime summer dates get booked up at least one year in advance so don't hang about!

For my most of my weddings it's just me.
I have done this for many years now and know I can capture all the vital moments you need. 

However if you want two photographers then no problem and I can call on my photographer friends to come along too for an additional fee. 

It's not just the love that goes into capturing your wedding photos on the day but lots of time and care afterwards too. 
I edit down the photos to the best one and retouch each one by one.

I shoot mainly in colour but some in black and white when it suits the mood. 

07816 355534


Prices for weddings start at £900 for a weekend and even less for a weekday wedding. 
I like to make bespoke packages for my couples.
Just drop me an email and then we can work out what is best for your big day and budget. 

What do you charge? 

How things work with my weddings